Sunday, January 31, 2010

CNY Cookies

I have never had the experience of making CNY cookies, not even when I was little. As business owner my parents used to get very busy around CNY and my mom has never bake any CNY cookies like other mothers with their kids and so I never know how to make the "kuey ka pek" nor experienced the "CNY cookies making environment" like other kids do.

Last week, I checked out the peanut cookies recipe and I was surprised that it is so simple. So I decided to give it a try and also let Charlotte to help out. I prepared all the ingredients in the afternoon and we were into action when Charlotte came home from school.

It was a very simple recipe indeed, and very easy to do. Charlotte totally enjoyed it!

My table top height is not right for Charlotte to do the task, it is either too low if she sits on a stool or too high if she stands on one. So, I put everything down on the floor and we were making the cookies in the "kampung" style, hehe!

Charlotte was all into it and she participated till the last dough. She then washed up and changed to her PJ and when she came down the cookies were ready! She gave a big thumbs up and said "Good", what a generous supporter! :)

I know, the print is wrong! It usually looks like a circle in circle, but this is just a hole in the middle *LOL*. I couldn't find the right tool to imprint the right shape on it, so I just took a chopstick and poke a hole in the middle *ha, lousy job*

She asked to pack the cookies into the nice containers and she brought it to her grandparents this weekends. She said "Ah Mah, I made this, you try la, so delicious you know!" *LOL*

I think this is a very nice and warm CNY greetings to giveaway and I'm going to adventure to another recipe next week, if I have time. Will see :)

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  1. Looking busy, eh?
    How about other preparation... hopes all well!