Thursday, October 18, 2007

Taiping Zoo

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Thank God that after almost 1.5hours of nap, Charlotte woke up back to her usual self. All of us were so relieved to see this change. As we were passing by the Taiping Zoo sign board along the North South Highway, I asked Pat if we can drop by for awhile and let Charlotte see the real animals and those that she has been seeing from TV programs or books. Pat agreed and we turned to the exit and headed straight to the Taiping Zoo.

It was a very warm afternoon but the zoo was really packed with visitors. We purchased the tickets and we saw a tram waiting as we entered to the zoo. We knew that it would be more fun to go on foot but we were getting tired and the weather was really warm. We then decided that we should take the tram instead of walking a 2.5km journey.

The tram took around 30min only to complete the entire zoo. I had to say the the tour guide (the tram driver) was not very professional as he didn't slow down the tram or pause a little as he introduce the sections. Some of those animals were small in size or dark in color or hidden at a corner were barely visible to us. Out of the entire route, I think we only managed to see 60%-70% of what he introduced and Charlotte probably only managed to catch up with 50% of what we saw or pointed to her.

We wanted to show Charlotte the tigers, lions, zebras, and elephants the most but the tigers and lions were all napping when our tram arrived at that section. Charlotte gets to see the zebras and elephants very clearly and she was really excited and amazed when seeing the real one standing in front of her. Our last stop was at the elephant section and we managed to take a few photos before heading out.

Charlotte name this: Mommy & Baby

Later, she saw another tougher and older one came by and she name this: KongKong, Mommy & Baby (LOL!!)


  1. Thanks for sharing this. I will take note not to use the tram. I can imagine her reaction seeing the animals.. :)

  2. Yes, yes. My experience with zoo is your have to arrive very early. During our last visit to Zoo Negara, we noticed that the animals were very active in the morning. Then most of them started to take nap or hide in the corner when the weather is getting hot. We took the tram in Zoo Negara too and we can see the animals clearly. Then when we started to go for the second round by walking because Hin Lerk couldn't get enough of it, most of the animals had hide behind because of the warm weather. :(

  3. Oooh, the zoo is like a dream come true for kids! I can imagine how excited Charlotte must have been!