Monday, October 29, 2007

Pool & Bubbles

It has been a long time since the playgroup last met. So I decided to skip dinner with my parents and invite the playgroup last week. It was just Bryan and Wei Xuan, but we had a lot of fun!

Actually, Charlotte was throwing her temper tantrum in the afternoon. I took her to the room and tried to let her nap before the playgroup starts. After 1 hour, she was still quite awake. I pretended that I was already asleep, she played by herself until she got really tired. But she still didn't want to sleep because she knows her friends are coming (I told her in the morning) and kept asking me to go out from the room. I ignored her and continued to pretend to sleep. That's when she got really mad and started to cried. I knew that this was coming, so I didn't make any move and true enough after a short while she fell asleep on my arms. Phew!

It was almost 4.30pm then, so I sneaked out from the room to get things ready. I thought the weather was just nice to put up the pool for the kids. So, I went ahead to pump up the pool and get it filled with water. Just when the pool was half filled, the sky turned cloudy and soon enough it was followed by a heavy down pour. But the pool was already up and it was too late for me to keep it because Charlotte was already awake (yes, it was just a very short nap) and she saw it!

Not long after that, Bryan arrived with his mommy. It was still raining very heavily and we started the play with just the bubbles. I told Brenda to get ready with hot water in case we couldn't stop the kids from getting into the pool. But Bryan and Charlotte were very well behaved. They were fascinated by the pool but didn't really insist to get in. Both of them enjoyed the bubbles.

The sky started to clear up not long after that and the kids realized that it could be more fun to go into the pool! Wei Xuan too arrived and that's when the fun starts!!!

The girls were getting their bubble blowing skill polished...

It was full with fun and laughter until it's time to get them off the pool. Imagine all the struggles and screaming *signh!* Good thing was it was under controlled while the clean-up in process. The kids forgotten about the pool as there was shower and water again. The déjàvu starts when it's time to say goodbye...

Charlotte on the other hand was surpisingly quiet, watching her friends leaving with a heavy heart. After that evening, she remembers the play every time we let her out at the porch. She says "friend friend, come, pom pom" :D

The playgroup is getting more and more interesting, look out for update on the activity that we "planned" ;)


  1. sigh...Ching Ern missed the fun. Tot I can bring her to the pool at Yeh Yeh's house but it rained.

  2. That looks like so much fun! We have got to do this again some day!

  3. Hey.. that looks like so much fun. Too bad Evan missed it.

  4. hahaha....I had such a good laugh from the post. I really should post this on Bryan's blog too....haiya..procrastinating again...