Sunday, October 21, 2007

Getting Artistic

This picture taken at the Smoke House, Cameron Highlands

Charlotte picks up drawing a few months back and the way she holds a pen at this young age is perfect to me (a little bias comment from mommy, heh heh!). Back then, she was mirely blind scraping with lines but her wrist and fingers control has improved with practise and she is now able to draw circles and some kind of characters of her own :)

Drawing has become one of those activities that she does everyday. We need to make sure to bring along the drawing block and pen for her everywhere we go. She draws at home, she draws in the restaurants, she draws in the car, on a journey, and she draws before her bed time. Drawing can keep her occupied at least half an hour each time and she loves to show off espcially when my camera is focusing on her. The video clip below proves it. She actually knew that the camera was on her and she said "smile" at the end of it :)


  1. Wow, maybe I can tried this out. Can keep her busy for half an hour? That is very impresssing and I am impressed that she can draw circles.

  2. Yeah, no need to use compass anymore...can draw circles... hey maybe her work can pass off as modern art too!

  3. hehe, the way she replied "No" is very cute :) Ya, very impressive, can draw circle at this age.

  4. Very clever girl, Charlotte! A masterpiece in the making...