Wednesday, October 3, 2007


How careless was I to have totally forgotten about children deworming until Brenda told me that she saw a tiny white color worm-like creature from Charlotte's backside. When she took a closer look, that "thing" went back inside!!! Luckily we were planning for Charlotte's PD visit for her 2nd JE jab the next day.

I told the PD on duty about this incidence and he said it is the intestinal parasites and it is rather common among young children. He prescribed the Zentel for Charlotte, 5ml to be taken every half yearly. Though Zentel is commonly advised for children above the age of 2, prescription can be given to children between 1 to 2 years old at 10ml at a single doze if necessary. So, I was not very concern over this as the PD only prescription 5ml for Charlotte's case. The doctor also said that the parasites would dissolved and come out in her poo.

Charlotte had her doze of Zentel last Friday and she had her bowel movement on Saturday. It was a little loose than usual and that we were also informed by the PD. I took notice on her poo and there was really nothing, so I thought it is just like what the PD said, dissolved.

As usual, Charlotte didn't have her bowel movement everyday. It has been 4 days since last Saturday and that's the limit I give usually to avoid hard stool. When I went to pick up Charlotte this evening, Brenda told me 2 big news! One, Charlotte "pang sai" already! That's her usual way of telling me, all of us feel relieved every time Charlotte did her, what's the 2nd news?

There was this long worm came out in her poo!!! I got a shocked because I thought it should be dissolved as what the doctor said! Actually, it was only the skin left and the body was dissolved already. According to Brenda and MIL, it was about 4-5inch in length and maybe about 0.5cm in diameter!

I hope it is all cleared now, we only need to administer the next doze in the next 6 months. I also hope that Charlotte's appetite will get better and gain more weight if the intestinal parasites are the root cause of her poor appetite. By the way, the PD guided me to this useful website which they have the most updated children growth chart.

If you have not done deworming to your toddler, you should probably do so by getting the deworming medicine from pharmacy or let your child's PD prescribe one for you.


  1. Hooi Ling - what are the signs or symptoms that Charlotte faces? I just want to monitor this for Yan as well.
    Also, Yan doesnt do BIG business everyday as well, it's really a challenge and goodnews whenever she poo... ;)

  2. i think seeing our child poo once everyday is something we look forward. Everyday after I come back from work, the first question i asked my mum " did Ern poo?"...

    Thanks for this. I almost forget about the Deworm thingy on children. You are right, it's common on kids..

  3. Is this compulsory? But it certainly looks like the medicine worked!

  4. looks like I need to give Vernon some zentel too. at first I also have the same thought that it only apply for those > 2 yrs old.
    gee li after heard what u have said about the worm.

  5. Hi, I am just wondering what are the other symptoms if my child (18mths) has worm. She eats well and she poo everyday. But she has a habit of sleeping face down with her buttock up. According to my mother in law and friends, she has "kam chek" means worm in her stomach.

  6. hi
    i have given my daughter zentel n the symptoms were better for a while...but within 2 months she is complaining of the itching in anus again...
    does ne body know if i can give her zentel again so soon?normally wht shld be the gap betn 2 treatments?

  7. hi
    i had given my daughter sara zentel abt 2 months back n it helped...however she is complaining of the itching in anus again.can i give her zentel again?how long a gap shld there be betn 2 treatments?
    Also i was told to give her 5ml on 2 consecutive tht the correct dosage?