Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Shoes, Glorious Shoes...

How many pairs of shoes does a girl/lady/woman need?

I remember my mom and I used to have so many shoes in the house. There was this big and tall rack where my dad used to store his business inventory but it was converted to a shoe rack just to cater the space my mom and I needed to store our shoes. Once, my mom hired a new maid from Indonesia and her first question to my mom when she entered the house was: "ini rumah jual kasut? " (are we into shoes business?) I think you can imagine just how many pairs of shoes we had at home for a Queen and a Princess :D

Now that I have a princess of my own, I just can't help but keep getting shoes to match her outfits. She has walking shoes, dress shoes, sandals, sneakers more than what I have/had at her age. I was gathering all her shoes the other day, trying to keep away those she has already over grown and while doing so I thought I should just blog about shoes that she has before the age of 2.

First Steps...

Growing, Growing and Growing...

Coming Soon...

Pat and I were talking about his brother's wedding coming in Mar next year. Everyone in the family is hoping that Charlotte can be the flower girl by then (not that she is the only girl in the family but she is the youngest!). Thinking, thinking, thinking...suddenly it struck me that she doesn't have a white color dress shoes! We need to get her that to match her flower girl dress, and hubby said "yes". Yippee!!!

Well, I will definitely post an update when we finally bought that white color dress shoes. Stay tuned :)


  1. Ching Ern's mummy is a shoe collector as well...let's see if Ching Ern will follow her mummy's 'footstep'...

  2. *jealous*
    I think Charlotte has more shoes than me! By the way, some of those shoes look really big? They were on sale, weren't they? And you simply had to get them? Hehehe

  3. Giddy Tiger - most of those we bought from US. It is cheaper there and of course we buy larger size to cater for future ;)

  4. Oh my! And here I tot I'm the only "shoe craze" mum buying so many shoes for Yan. She has a total of 12 pairs. Only 1 pair is for future use and only 4 pairs wearing regularly... I have to start look-out for new shoe as the future 1 pair is only a sandal...any good recommendation?

  5. Cheah Wei - If you go to US again, you might want to take the chance to shop at all the children outlets. For the same quality & design, they are selling it much cheaper then the price in Malaysia. My last trip, i went with 20% full luggage but came back with 2 luggages with all Charlotte's clothing, shoes, caps, socks...of course I am still paying those bills now :p

  6. My last trip was in Mar and yes, I went in with only 20% of my stuff and came home with an additional luggage. All are stuffed with hubby's and Yan's stuff, very minimal for myself. Still I didn't buy enuf shoes (I only saw 2 nice pairs of USD10 each). Almost every biz trip, I'd have clothes/shoe/dress/hat for Yan, it shows how much I missed her!!!

  7. Wow, so many nice shoes.

    Isn't it too early to buy the shoes now for next Mar? What if she outgrown before then?

  8. Yup, it is a little too early to shop for March :P Thanks for reminding me (heh!)

  9. wow, i don't even have that many shoes! She must be a very lucky princess...