Wednesday, September 5, 2007

My Heritage Look Alike Meter

We always wanted to find out who Charlotte resembles more. Sometimes, people on the street said she looks exactly like daddy. Other time just the exact opposite. Though this is not a big deal but it will be interesting to find out.

Just yesterday, a friend of mine forwarded this interesting website and I was finally able to do the test based on some kind of intelligent facial scanning technique. I was very excited about it and quickly picked a few photos and uploaded them. However, it was also disappointing when I ran the first test. The result said "Charlotte looks equally like mom and dad"! It's like not telling me anything else differently from what I have been hearing from others.

Then I tried again using clearer and bigger pictures. The result?

Finally, one straight clear answer we have been searching for!!!

Try it out yourself:


  1. This is SO interesting! I am gonna run and do the test now!

  2. You got an award here: