Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Mid-Autumn Celebration

Last Saturday, we passed by Seri Tanjung Pinang and noticed that there was a lantern festival celebration at the E&O sales office. Pat then realized that E&O did send him an invitation but he totally forgot about it because of his busy work schedule. We joined the celebration there right after dinner and it was Charlotte's first Lantern Festival experience!

The E&O group actually gave out traditional paper lantern to all children and because we went late, there were no more lantern left for Charlotte. I was very disappointed as I really wanted to let Charlotte experience the celebration. I didn't give up but continued to look around if there was any left over. At last I found a big box filled with paper lanterns. I was so excited that finally we found a lantern for Charlotte but I only realized that those lanterns were broken as I took one out from the box (sigh!). However, after a long try Brenda managed to fix one and we lighted it up for Charlotte :)

I was a little worried if it is safe for Charlotte to carry it. To my surprise, she did it really well! There was a chinese orchestra playing at the stage, Charlotte was carrying her lantern and on and off she will dance (shake her body a little) with the music. It was really cute!

Did you notice the "flying balloon" behing this pitcure? This was what she kept looking at when I took the video clip above. She said "fly....!", and that's what she meant :D

The lantern play that I was trying to pull together for the playgroup didn't get to happen for the past couple of weeks. I decided to take my last chance to make it happen again on the actual mid-autumn day (Sept 25th), then again my invitation was out late and most of the playgroup members couldn't make it either. Luckily I have my Plan B as back up...

We went to Gurney for dinner and I brought along the lanterns that I bought for Charlotte hope to let her do a little lantern parade at gurney. At Gurney Walk, she found a new friend...

Charlotte was happily doing her lantern parade at Gurney Walk as Pat and I were having dinner at the Chili's. I first gave her the rabbit lantern but I noticed that the wind was too strong out there kept blowing off the candle. So, I took another lantern out to exchange with her. When I was outside, I noticed that was a family with a toddler boy sitting outside of Starbucks. Since I brought a lot of paper lanterns with me, I asked Charlotte to give her rabbit lantern to the boy. She did it right away, walked towards the boy and handed over her lantern to him!! The boy is only 19 months old, very quiet and well behaved. Charlotte is just the opposite.
(Did you see Charlotte's hand? She was trying to hug the boy as I took the picture, ha!)

(I guess she didn't really know where to land her hand, instead of putting it across the boy's shoulder...)

A brief mid-autumn celebration, a little lantern play for Charlotte and I am officially 1 year older now :(


  1. Charlotte's so adorable with her lanterns and braveness! Its so funny to see her hand on the boy's shoulder...hehehe...

  2. Your birthday hor?? never say anything ....

    Psss...your Charlotte so young can "kau chai" liao ah..not bad eh...kekeke

  3. Fly Fly away...!!! Wheeee....
    She looks absolutely princess-like in that long white gown.

  4. Nice blog you have here, good job mommy :) i loved the video clip of Charlotte dancing, so cute !

  5. Cheah Wei, Shooi - yes, trying to "kau" him in her own innocent way :p

    giddy tiger - thanks, that's her new dress we bought from KL during our last trip

    FungShin - welcome to my blog, hope to see you more noticed her little dance in that video clip! Just a little hippity hoppity move :)

  6. She looks so sweet in the white dress. You really know how to dress her up, ya :)
    Happy belated birthday, dear.