Tuesday, September 18, 2007

A Day With Butterflies

Our plan to visit to the Butterfly Farm has been postponing for weeks due to the recent wet weather. We woke up this morning disappointed again as it was still drizzling. I was almost desperate to put this visit down in memory and so I proceeded to get ready while waiting for Charlotte to wake up.

Charlotte woke up only at 9.00am. We first headed to town for DimSum breakfast and the plan was if it still rains after breakfast, we will have to cancel the visit again. God must have heard my prayer as it was all sunny when we walked out from the restaurant.

It was about 10.30am and we headed straight to Teluk Bahang. We have only about 1.5 hours in total as I want to make sure that we do not over stretched Charlotte's nap time. We arrived at the Butterfly Farm at 11.00am, marked the beginning of a wonderful experience of butterfly watching, up close and personal...

It was Charlotte's first encounter with real butterflies. She was very excited when I told her that we are bringing her to see real butterflies. Of course, I didn't think that she fully understood or realized the difference between the real butterflies and those that she sees on books and TV.

Her expression was what I called "out of control" when she first saw the butterflies flying freely around her. I guess it must be because of the mixed feeling of anxious and excitement that she felt with her little heart.

Throughout this entire album, you will probably notice this funny facial expression of Charlotte. This was what daddy thought her to smile for a photo. Instead of "cheers" or "cheese", Charlotte said "Eeeee..." and showed her beautiful teeth. Good try, baby! I still prefer her natural self.

I wanted to take a picture of Charlotte alone with the butterflies and make a good printout to display at home but Charlotte was a little nervous to be left alone. She wanted us to carry her all the time in the farm, or either held our hands very tightly.

We arrived at this very beautiful part of the farm and saw a very nice spot that it would be perfect if she could just stand there for a few shots. Daddy put her there and was distracting her with the beautiful butterflies just right beside her. I quickly took out my camera and keep snapping at her hoping to get a few nice shots.

Well, these are a few that I managed to get. She was first fascinated but yet very conscious of her safety, she didn't make a single movement while she was standing up there even though some butterflies were flying right in front of her. She posted and "smiled" for the a few photos and very soon, she said "scare, carry" and reached out her both hands to us.

Not only it was Charlotte's first experience with butterflies, it was her first with many reptiles, insects and fishes too. We saw this big beautiful Iguana and pointed it to Charlotte. Her response was "scared" and patted her chest :)

Look who is prettier? Charlotte, mommy, butterflies or flowers? *wink*

Here is what I call "kids learn fast!". We were trying to let Charlotte to open up and have fun like other kids, chase or catch the butterflies and have a good laugh (though we were not allowed to disturb the butterflies actually). She was still very conscious and very careful with everything she saw.

Before we exit, we tried it again and this time she got it! That was when I finally got a few good shots of her with the butterflies alone!

We spent about an hour there and it started to drizzle again when we were about to exit. Charlotte also started to get a little agitated then probably because it was time for her nap already. I was trying to get a good shot at the entrance of the farm just to keep a memory but I guess we didn't quite make it to perfection.


  1. Who is prettier? Charlotte, Mommy or flowers?...
    err... ALL of them together? :D

  2. Ha!! Thank you, that's a very diplomatic comment ;)

  3. What a nice outing! I was planning on a beach play for Yan but the 7th month thing and the raining weather, delays my plan. So, now I've another to add to my weekend fun-to-do list... thank you for sharing... hehe...

  4. Flower is always nice..when a daughter is pretty, means the mummy also pretty lah..else, how to have a pretty daughter ler??!!
    Conclusion: ALL pretty.

    Time to start introduce butterfly to Ern..so that when we bring her to the farm later, she knows what is the flying thing...

  5. Cheah Wei - I'm sure Yan will enjoy that place very much. Start to get her more butterfly related books, pictures or movie now and she will be able to relate when she sees the real ones.

    KK & WS - yes, she will be very excited once she is able to relate what she sees...