Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Trick or Treat!

Halloween celebration is not very popular here in Malaysia, other than seeing Halloween decorations, Halloween costumes selling at the malls young children here do not experience the trick or treat fun.

I did not have plan to celebrate Halloween, I don’t have the time, and I don’t have the energy to be honest. But Charlotte curiously asked “mommy, what is Halloween?” I felt that the explanation of “scary dress up” and “pumping carving” is not good enough. So, I had an idea of getting helps from others to celebrate this Halloween together.

Charlotte has 2 other classmates staying around our neighborhood, and another good friend staying just nearby. So, I invited all the mothers and one other neighbor and shared the Halloween idea with them and luckily all were very supportive. Since I couldn’t host the party, I asked all participate family to take turn to host and let the kids had the Trick or Treat from house to house! J

Each of them is requested to dress up in their Halloween costume, bring a candy carrier along and each family need to prepare a fun Halloween game as the kids visited their house. The kids happily shouted “Trick or Treat!!” as they visited each house and they played games, made scary faces, spent some time and enjoyed themselves before moving to another house. In total we had only 5 participated families, the highlight of that night for the kids? Of course the candy collection!! See how big was Charlotte’s candy carrier?

Actually I wanted to bring Abigail along for the Trick or Treat, unfortunately when we left for the 1st house it was drizzling. So Abby had to stay home L  

I hope the parents did not have a big problem saying “no candy today!” to their kid after that night J  

Thank you all for your participation and support to make this event successful!   

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