Tuesday, November 29, 2011

An Eventful Month

Never thought that we could be this busy in November. Somehow or rather, we had scheduled event week after week.

First it was Charlotte's 6th birthday! We first had a small celebration among family members. It is always the case, that Charlotte will celebrate her birthday at least 2x, sometimes 3x. The highlight was the birthday party we did for her and her friends. It was kind of tricky to plan for her birthday party this year. We wanted an outdoor play but it was raining season. Pat and I hesitated for quite a bit and we only sent out birthday party invitation at the very last minute.

We organized a park-&-pool session at our new home, only few friends are invited, they are obviously the special someone named by Charlotte. The kids enjoyed themselves in the water before we adjourned to a restaurant nearby. Let the pictures speak for itself...

Follow up by Charlotte's Graduation Ceremony. The ceremony was a very organized and solemn event that I ever seen of any children's event. The message sent out from this ceremony wasn't much about concert and performance but it carried a very meaningful reminder to all, to be grateful and respectful to parents. I hope Charlotte builds her foundation with these good values and carries them with her through her growing.    

Then it was school holidays! Since Abby is still too young to travel with us, we had to leave her behind and we just embarked on the nearest adventure - Universal Studio Singapore!

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  1. WOW. a packed month for sure! don't know how you guys do it :)