Monday, February 27, 2012

Making A Little Change

It is sad to look at how far behind I am in updating my blog, this blog. I changed this blog title so that I could capture the growing story not just about Charlotte but also Abigail, our new added bundle of joy last year. I tried very hard to upkeep the events and pictures, but I couldn’t blog about it. I have no time to write long and detailed story of the what, who, when, which and how.

I have no intention to discontinue this blog nor do I have the intention to discontinue keeping the memory of my children’s growing. I am going to make a slight modification of how the stories will be memorized though. I have no time to blog about all the details, but most of the time I make the pictures tell the story. So, I’ll just gonna keep taking picture and write a short journal about it, everyday. It is an “A-Photo-A-Day” project that I’m gonna do, and I really really hope to be able to capture 365 of 2012! Wish me luck!!

I have started it, and I will be updating the pictures soon. See you there

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