Monday, May 31, 2010

Bali Getaway!

Five years ago, Pat and I went to Bali for the first time and I was about 6 weeks pregnant with Charlotte. I didn't enjoy that trip although I didn't suffer from morning sickness but I was feeling dizzy all the time. We didn't cover many famous tourism spots either. My memory of Bali was just the Hilton Hotel and taxi.

We took Charlotte along this trip and we were explaining to Charlotte that she was in my tummy when we were here  five years ago. Somehow, she's always quite happy when I told her she was once in my tummy :) This time we stayed at the Hard Rock Hotel. We touched down on Thursday night and we quickly checked ourselves in at the hotel and also had dinner at the Hard Rock Cafe since it was rather late already. Then of course, it's picture time! Here are a few shots of the pool view at night.


Charlotte was getting tired shortly after, so we decided to head back to the room and call it a night. However, as we were passing by the live rock performance at the Centerstage and Charlotte was attracted to the performance (so did we) and we decided to hang around since it wasn't too pack on a week night. 

Charlotte requested to take the seat at the bar counter as she saw a few other children were there. Pat and I choose to sit at a table further to the back in order to get a better view of the rock band performance. I was amused to see her moved, clapped, cheered for the rock band and also made friends with other children. Initially, four of them were seated at the bar with just one popcorn serving. We saw Charlotte making small talks with the rest and they shared the popcorn with her (I guess she must be asking for the popcorn from them). After awhile, they took out another 3 popcorn servings so each of them had one to themselves. See how much the children enjoying the party...

By the way, we went back to the Centerstage on Saturday night and it was so packed that we couldn't even find a seat! Also, it was too smoky and noisy for Charlotte to hang around. So good thing that we had some nice time earlier. The band was really good!

One bonus service that we were quite happy to find out was that they have the Lil Rock Kids Club at the hotel, that we were able to spend some time on our own like having Spa or some outdoor activities while someone to look after the kids and they could still have fun. We get to redeem for 2 hours service at Lil Rock Kids Clud or it is charged at 25,000Rp/hour (RM10).

Our Bali getaway hence started...

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