Tuesday, May 18, 2010


I blogged about how picky Charlotte was as a young eater, it took a lot of creativity and patience to make her eat and drink (milk). Good food, healthy food, junk food, snacks, deserts almost nothing attracted her back then. I know many parents have to stop or restrain their kids when comes to the famous McD french fries, but Charlotte would just stop after couple of bites. Same goes for ice-cream, what do you think when you talk about vege, protein and bla bla bla...?

But, she is a much much better eater now. Her school serves vegetarian food everyday, and she is eating like a pro but of course she still tells me "I don't want vege" at home sometimes. Well, I think that's normal for kids. Her school is campaigning vegetarian month for the month of May. The idea is to educate people about "no meat, no slaughtering". They are having various program teaching the students about vegetarian food, bringing to them to the wet market, show & tell, and offering food packs. We were told to feel free to order dinner packs for our family for the entire month of May, and it is FOC! They are also offering lunch packs for weekends. This is the extra miles they go to encourage people to believe in no meat, no slaughtering.

I order 2 dinner packs for weekdays (I don't have to cook dinner for the entire month, yay!). It has been 2+ weeks and I have to say the dinner packs are very good. Everyone in the family loves it!

Without us realizing it, we have been doing something quite routinely lately. When Pat is home early and I don't have night meeting we usually head out to Baskin Robbins for some sweet treats. Last night we did it again. Charlotte and I usually share a 2-scoop sundae and Pat has one to himself. Last night, Charlotte chose Orange Sherbet and I chose Manga Tango. She told me "Mommy, you eat yours and I eat mine". I didn't quite understand what she was trying to say and so she went on "you cannot eat mine la!" *LOL*

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