Sunday, November 8, 2009


While taking Charlotte and my new maid out last Friday...

Charlotte: mommy, what is a Malay?
Me: Malay ah? Like Izah in your ballet class, she is a Malay loh! *can Malay learn ballet? I don't know but her mother is wearing "tudung", I assume she is a Malay la*
Charlotte: Oh! Then me leh?
Me: You are a Chinese. *Almost fainted that she didn't know that*
Me (continue): Dashana in your school? She is an Indian.
Charlotte: I am a Chinese ah? Auntie (maid) leh?
Me: Auntie ah? *Lost* Auntie is a Filipino.
Charlotte (turned to Auntie): You are a Filipino ah?
Auntie: Yes :)

Charlotte: You come from Philippines ah?
Auntie: Yes, come here for 2 years.
Charlotte: 2 years then only go home ah?
Auntie: Yes. Philippines is very hot *I don't know why she thought of that suddenly*
Charlotte: Very hot ah? Philippines no air cond ah?
Auntie: No, no air cond
Charlotte: Then turn on fan la!


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  1. Don't u think it's fun to have such a conversation with the kid, as they always throw us lots of questions that we don't really know how to aswer them.