Thursday, November 12, 2009

An Early Celebration

Every year we celebrate Charlotte's birthday twice, and she's been having 2 birthday cakes (except her 1st birthday).

We first had an early celebration last Sunday with my parents (the plan was to have it together with the in laws but they were down in KL). First we went to collect Charlotte's first birthday cake. She didn't pay any attention to the when it was collected because she was very engaged with the new game cartridge that I bought her as birthday present for the Leapster game set. When I bought the game set, I didn't buy any game cartridges because the set came with 2 games. Then I found a very good deal of those cartridges online recently and I bought 3. I only gave her 1 as her birthday present, the other 2 I will keep for better use in the future.

She was so engrossed with the game (6 games in 1 cartridge, not bad!) and her first response was "no" when I asked if she want to take a peek at her birthday cake. But shortly after she realized that I was hold on to a big box on my lap, she requested to check out the cake. She was really thrilled when she found out the it was a 3D princess cake that I got for her! I guessed she only imagined it would be like those she got last year. After that, she asked to take a peek every 5min! *Fainted*

We got the hotel slightly early and the buffet hasn't started, so took a nice slow walk and enjoyed the beautiful scenery at the garden by the beach. Took some nice pictures with the birthday girl.

She must be feeling bored to be the center of focus, she requested the camera and started to instruct everybody to be at the position for her in return. Some of the nice shots she took...

We headed for a great dinner, everyone enjoyed the buffet and that's including Charlotte! I am thankful that those "picky eater" days are almost over!

Then it was the birthday song and birthday cake. You officially announced that you are 4 years old! (Indeed! She told all her school teachers, friends and everyone that asked her before this day that she was 3 years old!).

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  1. Happy early birthday to Charlotte! Ceb an early birthday for my daughter too!