Monday, November 16, 2009

Another Birthday Party

On the actual day, we planned for a dinner at MIL's place to celebrate Charlotte's birthday. Her school passed us a tea set and Charlotte was requested to present tea to us as a token of appreciation. Charlotte kept asking for the tea ceremony when we took back the tea set, but we had to wait for Pat to come home and I wanted her to present to the grandparents first then only us.

She was asked to kneel in front of us when presenting the tea, and say "爸爸﹐感恩﹗媽媽﹐感恩” (thank you daddy! thank you mommy!"

Though we thought it was a bit too traditional and too much to ask from the lil one, it was a rather good teaching and reminder to the younger generations (even to adults) to be respectful and grateful to our parents and elderly. My in laws were very pleased with this presentation too!

Then of course, another birthday cake for the lil princess...

Happy 4 years old my dear!

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