Sunday, March 30, 2008

Big Question Solved!

Charlotte is quite a fast learner. She picks up new things as soon as it is introduced to her. Like how she learn the shapes, numbers, new words, even some simple opposites. There is something that we have been teaching her since many months back but she doesn't seem to pick up anything. That's colors.

I tried many ways of introducing colors to her, the very direct way was to pick out 2-3 colors and tell her what color that is and have her to repeat. But she couldn't name it when I asked her again. I tried the Baby Einstein, books, and take every opportunity to introduce and teach her the colors but never successful. I was very very worried if she is color blind. I asked her PD, Dr. Rama if there is a way to test a young toddler like Charlotte if she is color blind. Dr. Rama assured me that it is still too early for her to name the color at her age although there are some more advance toddlers are already able to do that. He also said that it is very unlikely for a girl to inherit color blind, furthermore there is no one in the family (both Pat's and mine) is color blind. I have friends that also shared their toddlers' color learning experience with me and showed me article that talked about the same concern but I never stop worry if Charlotte is color blind as she has been a very fast learner in everything I thought her, except colors.

My big question solved, well not exactly but finally I am convinced that Charlotte is not color blind. She is just not ready to name them. How? See this...

Actually I gave her the instruction to put the balls onto the matching color slot, and she did! I am now convinced that she is not color blind, but just not able to name the color, not yet.
Thanks to Shooi for the brilliant idea and sharing the toy with me :)

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