Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Very Observant!

The first thing Charlotte told me when I went to pick her up from MIL's place last night was "Pek Pek" and pointed to the picture rack where MIL keeps all her children's wedding photos. I told her no, Pek Pek is in KL, he is probably flying the aeroplane right now. But MIL told me that what she was trying to say is there is a new photo added to the collection, Pek Pek's wedding photo!

MIL said she noticed that the first thing in the morning when she went into the house. Wow, she is that observant! After dinner, MIL showed me the mini wedding album and as I was flipping through Charlotte sat beside me and kept pointing at BIL and said "Pek Pek! Pek Pek!". I told her yes and pointed to the bride and ask her to say "Auntie Angie". But MIL didn't like it, she corrected us and said must call "Ah Mmm". I know that, but I just thought it sounds a little too old to call her that way. Anyway, I followed.

Charlotte was then happily repeating "Pek Pek! Ah Mmm!" as she pointed to the pictures. Sometimes, she got too "kan cheong" and instead of "Ah Mmm" she said "Mmm Mmm!". Oops, sounds like "ng ng" (pangsai) :p

Uncle Peter and Auntie Angie (Pek Pek & Ah Mmm)

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