Thursday, June 10, 2010

It's Water Time!

We initially thought of utilizing the 2 hours free redemption at the Lil Rock Kids Club the 3rd day, but as I said earlier we usually take the "let's see what happens..." approach and it turned out that we had something else, something that was rather exciting!

This picture was taken at breakfast, the table we had was over looking the swimming pool. It was spectacular!

After breakfast, we headed to the photo shooting service room to claim our free shot at the Hard Rock Hotel trade mark and this time, thank God that Charlotte was cooperative enough and we have a nice family picture :)

We then went to the tourists information service at the hotel to find out interesting places that fits us. We were told about several but we chose the Turtle Island since we could also try some water activities while we were there.

So we were set towards the water but the water was rough, strong wind, see it on the back ground of this picture.

I pictured the Turtle Island as something real, open, and free but I was kind of disappointed when I saw it has an entrance, and things are "compartmentalized" but still, Charlotte enjoyed it and had a great time.  

The tour around the Turtle Island was probably only took us like ~30min. On our way back, Pat decided to go for a little snorkeling although we've been warned that the weather was not too good, it was high tide and probably see nothing. True enough, the boat we were in was had glass bottom so that Charlotte and I can stay on the boat and view the corals while Pat went for snorkeling. Unfortunately, nothing was to be seen and Charlotte was quite disappointed.

The boatman was kind enough that he went under water and brought up a surprise for Charlotte...

A huge star fish!!!

I was just very grateful to him that he just helped me to sustain a happy kid while was daddy still looking for mermaids in the water...

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