Wednesday, March 3, 2010

What Was Mummy Up To When You Were Sleeping?

I've gotten myself into the wall sticker heat since Dec last year but all I did was just browsing the catalogs online, admiring the beautiful creations some folks put up on their walls, didn't have the courage to do it on mine as I know I'm not much of an artistic person.

A while back, I happened to bump into a small kiosk at one of the malls here in Penang. I spent almost 45min at that store browsing, asking questions, and choosing...I didn't know what I want or what I need, but I want to try one. So I finally bought a roll from that store.

That roll of wall sticker had been sitting in my drawer for many weeks now and although I always remember that I have to put it up I couldn't find the time to do it. Last night, I sneaked out from the bedroom around 10pm, leaving my sleeping princess and I went on with my little project.

I carefully took out the wall stickers, and I worked on it. In between, Charlotte woke up, I went back to the bedroom and came downstairs again to continue. Pat came home while I was maybe just 40% done but I continued. I knew that I had to get it done once I have started it because I don't want pieces of work lying around on the floor and I don't like half done work...

After 2.5 hours...

It looked simple, but it was kind of challenging to put it could be easier if I have some helping hands.

Charlotte woke up the next morning, thrilled to see it and Pat also gave a satisfying smile. Charlotte is now ordering me to put more nice designs here and there.

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  1. Very nice. I was introduced to it too, and I even know what I want, but never got around to buying it! Big procrastinator.. hehe!