Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Cool Weekend

Back dated post.

The weather has been at a constant high of 37oC, sometimes higher for more than a month now. Air conds in the house are all turned on the moment we got home, everyday. Sometimes I showered more than 3 times in a day just to feel nice and cool.

A couple of weeks back, we made an impromptu decision for a weekend get away, a get away from the busy schedule and a get away from the heat too. We decided to go to Cameron Highlands for a nice and cool 3D/2N stay. I happened to discuss this plan with Ann and casually invited her to join us as I was sure Charlotte and Chloe would be thrilled to go on a trip together. Things happened very quickly and off we go! 2 families, 4 adults plus 2 children.

We did not plan any specific agenda, no schedules to follow or places that we need or must cover. It was a very relax, free and easy. The kids enjoyed it very much and the adults too had very good catch up.

Arrived at EQ Cameron Highlands

Exploring cactus
Tea plantations

The girls were making funny faces every time we wanted to take a picture
Can you tell how much fun they were having?

Strawberries!! All of us!

We were supposed to head home after the trip but we detoured to KL for another great celebration!

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