Thursday, September 30, 2010

Little Kids, Big Heart

Last year Charlotte's school organized a "charity restaurant" which the children cooked and served lunch for parents and friends. They did the same thing this year and the theme was to love the earth, "大手小手爱地球" and the money collected will be donated as the Pakistan flood aid.

This event lasted for 3 days, each day for the respective grade (4yrs old, 5yrs old and 6 yrs old) to have a chance to be a waiter/waitress to serve while be in the kitchen as little chef for the other 2 days. Last year didn't know what to expect I attended the event myself. I felt it was very meaningful after the event and hence I invited both side of Charlotte's grandparents this year to join me, except daddy as daddy is away in Europe.

Before the arrival of guests, the kids line up in front of the porch awaiting for their love ones. They were all very excited and very well prepared (they had a week of intensive training).

The event started with an introduction by a 6 years old, sharing the Pakistan flood tragedy and how much pollution human being had created to the earth. It was a very simple narrative but yet very real and touching. I had a hard time controlling my tears from dropping down. Maybe preggers are more emotional anyway...

It was then followed by a song presentation.

We were then being seated at the "restaurant" and the kids started their role and showed us what they have learn from the past week.

First, it was a cold towel presentation.

Then it was order taking and making recommendation. (Charlotte did a good job in recommending, in fact, we didn't have enough and went back for the 2nd round the next day!)

Preparing the table...

Start serving... 

I went back the next day noon knowing that it will be Charlotte's turn to be in the kitchen as chef and took some pictures. I am really impressed once again by the commitment, passion, patience, love and care of the Tzu Chi organization and all the teachers and helpers at the school to train and manage the little one in the kitchen. I know I don't have the patience when Charlotte asked to help out in my kitchen. To me, she will only make the matter worse, make my kitchen dirtier, take longer time to complete what I want to complete and etc. I really respect the dedications that all the school personnel and volunteers had shown.

The school prepared smaller and lower desks and individual stove for the little chef to cook. The "restaurant" has Western, Chinese and Japanese menus, hence their workstations were divided into the respective theme and the little chef were positioned at their respective station and get busy!

The kids were well taught, aside from having fun they too fully understand the message that they want to send through this event. We were told to do 5 simple things in life to help save the earth:
1. 省电 (don't waste electricity)
2, 省水 (don't waste water)
3. 吃素 (be a vegetarian, don't slaughter)
4. 少用交通工具 (cut down usage on transportation, walk if possible)
5. 多用环保餐具 (use recyclable container)
Although this school is not as acedemically advance compared to most of the kindergarten in town, we appreciate that our children are properly taught with the right value in life. We believe this will bring them a long way.



  1. I felt touched after reading this. It's really meaningful and I'd definately support this good deed. Tell me this next year, ok?

  2. Those five simple things are so short and sweet. Anyone could apply those, I loved those pictures of her serving!! She looks so cute.

    Love your blog :)