Sunday, October 25, 2009

Good Friends, Great Time!

It's been quite awhile since we last took Charlotte to the park during weekend and Pat announced the idea last Saturday morning that if Charlotte is behaving he will bring her to the park in the evening. I was quite worried with the plan as the weather these days is very unpredictable and we will have a hard time telling Charlotte that the plan is canceled if it rains. Thank goodness that it was a very nice evening last Saturday and Charlotte had a long long nap in the afternoon so she woke up refreshed and cheerful. We set 1 ground rule with Charlotte before we headed off, that was to have her agree to end session happily when it is time to go.

She had a great time cycling and playing her scooter at the park. I noticed that she was able to pull the bicycle break this time! We were trying to take pictures of her but this cheeky person kept on making funny faces. This was the best I got...

As she promised, she happily and willingly end the session when it was time for dinner. We were so proud of her!

As we were at dinner, I received a test message from Ann inviting Charlotte to the park Sunday evening. I thought we should skip the session since we were just there then Ann offered to bring the girls if that's ok for us. Pat was more than happy to have a little time off for us (selfish thinking, I know) and we agreed to the plan (Thanks Ann!).

The girls (plus Aiden, Chloe's lil brother) left for the park around 5pm the next day and Pat and I went quickly to run errands and had a quick snack (Laksa & Rojak, Yum!!). We went pick up around 7pm and the girls were all happy, laughing and chat chatting away, sweaty though! We, 2 families made dinner plan and the children continue their night at PSC. Chloe decided to go with our car and the 2 girls had Hello Kitty pancakes that I prepared (I always have food to back up because of Charlotte). They were making funny faces, sharing funny stories and chit chatting while munching the pancakes. It was definitely a very lively journey and they made us a few good laughs too.

It was late when we finally called it a night. The children had a good bonding time, the adults had a greater time catching up. It was a very good gathering, casual but good!

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