Wednesday, October 21, 2009


No, not Charlotte's.

We were down in KL last weekend for 2 birthday celebrations. Charlotte has been promoted to 姐姐 as Pat's elder brother welcomed their baby boy 2 weeks ago. So, she decided to get her 弟弟 a present and was holding on to the present so dearly until she passed it to her Auntie Angie. When we visited the new born, everyone was talking turn to carry the baby boy and Charlotte too wanted to do that. I had a tough time telling her that she is not allowed to because the baby is very fragile and she didn't know the proper way to carry the baby. But she cried and protested and in the end Aunit Angie was very kind to let her try. I was very worried and very careful with Charlotte when she was holding the baby, but she did well!

Then we celebrated FIL's birthday. It was his 86 if I'm not mistaken and as usual, big meals, birthday cake, birthday song, kids had fun...

If you remember the family photo we took last Christmas, this was only half the Chan family members...

Happy Birthday Yeh Yeh!

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  1. Hey, soon will be Charlotte's birthday, rit...? :-)