Sunday, September 27, 2009

Unexpected, but Wonderful Week!

I had a planned business trip to Singapore last week but it wasn't as lonely as my usual business trips because I had a bundle with me this time. Just a few days before my departure I decided to bring Charlotte and my parents along. It was a last minute decision but I managed to get flight and accommodation arranged just before the departure.

Since I was flying SQ, I thought I can only afford budget airlines for them but I was very lucky that Singapore Airlines offers great fares for online purchases and we were all on the same flight, same schedule!

The moment we stepped into the Executive Suites, Charlotte noticed a box of surprise addressed just to her on the living room desk. She was the only one being greeted with special welcome! It contains a cookies, a box of juice and a big red apple. I didn't have a chance to take picture of the content as Charlotte immediate opened and ate the cute little happy face cookies.

I needed to get ready for work almost immediately, so I proceeded to the washroom for a quick wash up and the second surprise I saw was the toiletries offered by the was L'Occitane! Yup, call me "sua koo" but I was definitely giving this hotel a 2 thumbs up even just after the initial 20min there.

I was glad that my parents agreed to come along, they sure enjoyed their stay and more so that they get to share undivided attention with Charlotte when I was at work during the day. They went everywhere (the city, China Town, Sentosa Island, Underwater World, and etc) and I get to hear the exciting update from Charlotte every evening.

Charlotte greeted me at the door when I came back on the 2nd day and looking like this...

All I can say is she enjoyed the most this trip all she got was present, present, and more present...

I only get to spend short evening with them as I came back from work pretty late everyday. But I sure had the most carefree weekdays, knowing Charlotte was under good care and enjoying herself every moment. Didn't have many pictures to share since my parents aren't any blogger (he!)

I spent my birthday in Hong Kong last year, and I was in Singapore, a paid trip this year. Am I lucky or what? It was unplanned, unexpected but a wonderful week!


  1. Hi, came to your blog from Little Miracles. Your daughter is so pretty and cute.

  2. Wow..L'Occitane toiletries man.. now u get to try the sampoo and conditioner :) Its very good, the smell and all :)