Sunday, September 27, 2009

Lantern Festival

Just a day after the Singapore trip, we were invited to attend the Lantern Festival, organized by the Sri Tanjung Pinang, just like previous year.

We were quite prepared this round and we know there isn't much to expect as we are not interested with the stage performance, and I don't expect Charlotte to have dinner there even though there will be food served. So we were just prepared to see what's new this year.

It was pretty true that nothing much to "wow" about this year, and most of the activities were for bigger kids (like make your own mini moon cake, Chinese chest game, paper lantern making and etc) except a free lantern for every kid and a rabbit petting corner. We went around, had some snacks and the rest of the time we were at the petting corner. Charlotte enjoyed this the most this year...

We only spent less than an hour there and we headed somewhere else for dinner. So much for Mid Autumn Celebration? Maybe there is something more later...

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