Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Separation Anxiety

Ever since I came back from my last business trip, Charlotte has been acting like a super glue to me. She wants me to be at close proximity with her at all time. If she is watching her favorite movie, she wants me to sit by her side. When she is playing, she wants me to play with her. When we are out at the mall, she wants me to carry her (not the maid, not the daddy). She doesn't allow me to leave her for just a second, like going to the washroom, or kitchen, or anywhere else otherwise she will just burst out in ear piercing cry. Imagine that I have to sneak out just to have a bath, and even that I could hear her crying in less than 1min after I went away. I tried to tell her in a proper manner like "mommy is just going for a shower, ok?", "mommy is going to wash hands only, you can still see me at the kitchen" and her response is always "no!"

I was messaging with Jin Miin this morning and she told me this is "separatiom anxiety". I came to realize this too after the 1st week that I am back. Charlotte is trying to keep her eyes (hands and legs too) on me so that mommy will not "disappear" again.

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  1. Sounds oh-so-familiar! I too have to sneak away for a shower, but seconds later, I'll hear banging on the bathroom door! Don't worry, you are not alone, and I'm sure it's a phase that all kids go through (speaking like pro oni :P)