Thursday, July 19, 2007

Favorite Book

We bought Charlotte many books but she didn't really enjoy reading them even though we tried to spend quiet time reading together with her. Just recently, she started to show interest in books maybe because her daddy brought her to Borders very often when I was on business trip. She has this favorite book that she wants to take it everywhere she goes - "My Peekaboo Fun".

One night, I took out this book that we bought her quite some time ago and started to go through the objects shown on the pages. I flipped through the pages, pointed out to her each object and tried to associate the object with song or movie character that she knows. She picked up really fast, in just one night she learned almost 80% of them.

She is able to name some of the objects and point to others that she is not able to pronounce it. The funny part is, she will ask me to sing the song that I associate it with the object every time she spotted it. For example, if I ask her "where is the spider?", she is able to point to it correctly but she will then start to do the "itsy bitsy spider..." sign asking me to sing that song to her.

Can you spot the spider?

Her favarite now is the earoplane, she will point to it and say "pane! pane!" and started to stretch out her hands and move side-to-side like the flying action. That's because I associate it with a song from the Barney Sing-Along

Me: oh, we are flying in the earoplane looking out the window, watching the clouds go by...
(Charlotte doing the flying action)

Me: flying in the earoplane looking out the window up so very ....
Charlotte: high!!
(both hands stretched up high)

Another funny action that Charlotte does is about the snake. When I first thought her about the snake, she always replied with "kick!". I told her no kicking but run whenever she sees a snake! Now she points to the snake and shouts "run!" and make the running action which is really cute!

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