Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Visit to PD

Charlotte's previous PD visits were not very pleasant and basically she cried from the moment she entered the PD clinic until she came out. We bought her a doctor toy set few months back as I read that teaching and preparing her would make our next doctor visit more pleasant for both parents and child. She responded really well at home when we were playing with her with the stethoscope and the rest.

Charlotte had her Triple Antigen booster on Tuesday morning from Dr. Rama but that visit to the PD was still not up to our expectation. There was a little improvement i noticed though, she didn't cry the roof off this time but she still didn't like to be put on the scale, didn't want to be touched, even with the stethoscope. I brought the toy set along but it wasn't very useful simply because Charlotte has such a strong chatacter that when she cries, it is really not easy to distract her with other stuff, toy, name it.

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