Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Right At The First Try!

Charlotte is spending the week with her cousin Christopher while I am working from KL for these couple of weeks. Unfortunately, Christopher is having cough and running nose and I am very worried that she will get it soon.

I noticed that she started to have mild running nose yesterday but luckily Brenda did bring along her medicine. She is usually very difficult to feed and it was no difference yesterday except she got over it sooner with Christopher around.

She also observed how Christopher blow out the mucus from the nose later at night and I tried to have her to do the same. She did it right at the first try!! I thought that was great as it helps to easy the feeling instead of us rubbing it off (she hates it whenever we do that).

I am very proud of her and I do think that she is a fast learner. She knows how to use a harmonica, with both exhaling and inhaling the air through her mouth to get different pitch. She did it right at the first try too!

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  1. Clever girl! I agree, it's so hard to make kids blow their noses! But now Charlotte can even play the harmonica?! Amazing!