Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Wedding Update

Oh Well, it has been about a month delay in updating my brother's wedding. I have been lazy, and busy with CNY (hard to put lazy and busy together isn't it?). Another reason was I wanted to wait for "professional" photos to update in this blog but I realized that it is always difficult to wait for others, so I am posting it with whatever pictures I have and maybe I should start considering getting myself a SLR soon :)

The wedding started on the 15th Jan and it lasted for 3 days! The bride side dinner reception was on the 15th evening. All of us started to get very very busy right after lunch that day. This wedding was the event that made me realized the benefit of having more siblings in the family. Most of you know that Pat has 10 siblings, and during my wedding they could split up in teams to get necessary things done and their parents didn't have to worry about running around. But I have 2 brothers, one of them is getting married. That means only me and my eldest brother left to help out. We were instructed to attend the bride's dinner reception with my brother (the groom). That left my parents at home during the bachelor night and they had to run around to get the wedding day reception lunch at home ready, get prepared for the Church reception, Church wedding preparations, dinner reception...On the wedding day, my eldest brother and SIL and Pat were all accompanying the groom to the bride's house for the wedding ceremony and I was at home preparing Charlotte for the church wedding later at noon. My parents then again had to be on the run getting the things ready, receiving the guests and etc. It was worse during the dinner reception, we needed to find someone to "挡酒" for the groom and for my dad but in our family only Pat is "qualified" to do that. I could see my eldest brother was like crossing his fingers and prayed for the guests to be nice, ha!

Having said that, everything went on very very well. My parents, though exhausted, they were very happy and excited too. Little Charlotte was the flower girl, leading the bridal march at the church. She also presented a beautiful song at the church wedding,. Everything was PERFECT!

The flower girl


Full of expression

Exchange of vows and wedding bands

Officially Married!

Receiving the blessing

Mr & Mrs Gary Lee

It was even busier during the dinner reception. I lost count of both myself and my eldest brother running in and out from the ballroom leading the guests to their tables, it was crazy but it was fun!!! One good thing of having fewer siblings (contradicting point :) ) in the family was, we all get to sit at the main table, and represent the Lee family during the "Yum Seng", even the little Charlotte was on the stage "全力以赴" doing the yum seng role together with my nephew Abraham and her best friend, Chloe.

Abraham was holding an invisible glass, Charlotte was holding her purse (LOL)

My parents

My eldest brother and SIL

Pat and myself

Now I am still waiting for the 全家福...


  1. -grins- It sounds like a very wonderful wedding! Hope they have a great future together. :)

  2. I really like when people are expressing their opinion and thought. So I like the way you are writing