Sunday, February 19, 2006

Chinese New Year

Time flies, it's Chinese New Year again! This is Charlotte's 2nd Chinese New Year, see how much she has grown since last year...

We put on her cheong-sum that I bought from China during the new year's eve and we had reunion dinner at Ah Mah's house before we went over to KongKong's house. This has been our practice since we got married (2 reunion dinners after one another, at both parent's place).

I was so worried that Charlotte might not be able to sleep well that night because of the fire crackers that people would normally burn at midnight. Luckily, our neightbourhood was pretty well "behaved" this year, and Charlotte was able to sleep through without major disturbance.
Finally, 1st day of new year's day! Charlotte got her 1st ang pao from mommy and daddy before we headed out to visit to grandparents and friends...

xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxIt Is All About Reunion!

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